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Piscataway High School Back-to-School Night


By Melisa Damcevska, Preventionist I

The end of summer, the drop of the temperatures, and the start of a new school year also means schools are hosting annual Back-to-School Nights.

These are annual events where parents and guardians are given an opportunity to experience the daily steps their children take while at school.

Wellspring Center for Prevention hosted a table at Piscataway High School’s Back-to-School Night earlier this month. The staff came armed with information about substance use prevention and mental health promotion. Parents were able to collect valuable information and community resources right at the school.

For many parents and youth, high school is a time of transition, growth and self-discovery, as well as a time where the susceptibility to substance use may skyrocket as youth begin to figure out who they are. Having these tools and information is critical to keeping students and parents informed and ultimately, healthy.

109536197At the Back-to-School night, parents were handed their youth’s class schedule and were able to traverse the hallways of the High School, being put – quite literally – in their child’s shoes. Parents and guardians were also given the opportunity to meet teachers and school administrators, as well as become familiar with what school and community resources are available.

Back-to-School Nights are incredibly important to parents and students alike. By giving parents a glimpse into what their youth do each day, it creates a greater sense of bonding and understanding. Along with the many resources and tools provided by Piscataway High School, the Municipal Alliance and Wellspring Center for Prevention, parents and youth can be better prepared to tackle a new school year.

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Monday, 03 August 2020

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