April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month


By: Gina-Marie Miraglia April is a month that represents many observances, but above all is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. According the American Psychological Association; approximately 1 in 6 boys and 1 in 4 girls are sexually abuse before turning 18 years old. However, these ratios are highly deceiving. Only about 16% of sexual assault crimes are reported to authorities; meaning the remaining 84% go undocumented. Sexual assault and drug addiction are innately connected. Those who have been sexually assaulted are at a higher risk of misusing or abusing drugs and alcohol than the general public. When the negative emotions associated with the trauma are not constructively worked through, drugs and alcohol are commonly used as means to cope with feelings of depression, self-blame, and flashbacks. According to the Rape Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN); victims of assault or abuse are 3.4 times more likely to use marijuana, 6 times more...

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