Building Skills for Lasting Happiness


By: Gina-Marie Miraglia, Preventionist I

"Happiness is a skill that can be strengthened" which is the core mission of Happify. 

Happify is an online tool that focuses on positive psychology to strengthen a person's skills to live a meaningful and 'happy' life. This evidence-based online tool empowers people to take control of their emotional health and thrive.

After someone makes their free user account, there is a plethora of skill-building activities and games that help conquer negative thoughts and instill resilience and positivity. Then, over time, the account tracks and measures progress of behavior change and creates custom reports. This adds encouragement and shows the person how far along they have come and while also showing areas where extra attention is still needed. In addition, their community board is another unique aspect of Happify that helps people lift each other up and flourish together.

Happify is for anyone who wants to increase their happiness and overcome the negative obstacles they face day-to-day. For those who want a more expansive account on Happify, they can purchase and upgrade as well.

To create your own user account visit:

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Monday, 30 March 2020

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