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My Doughnuts Are Better Than Yours! A Sweet Contest Story


By Lauren Balkan, MSW, LCSW, Deputy Director

They came with hands-full of boxes filled with the best donuts around.

There were doughnuts in many varieties, different colors, and even a few that were gluten free and vegan (I am sure you are thinking – why bother?). All of this took place at the Pathways School-Based Youth Services program at Carteret High School. The purpose of the donut-filled celebration was to help the Pathways staff celebrate the coming Memorial Day weekend.

According to program director, Lauren Balkan, the idea for the celebration came from staff who started a conversation about donuts, which, in short time, deteriorated into an argument on who sells the best doughnuts. And the fight was on.

A full-on taste-a-thon ensued and the top doughnuts (begrudgingly accepted by all in attendance) were those from The Center City baker (from The Reading Terminal, in Philadelphia). Second place went to Papa Ganache (Located in Cranford) who provided specialty gluten free and vegan doughnuts. Other entries were provided by Duck Donuts in Greenbrook, NJ, the Montclair bread shop, Dunkin Donuts and of course Krispy Kreme.

If you wish to recommend a specific doughnuts shop that you frequent, please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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