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Pathways Promotes the Positivity Challenge for CHS


By Karolyn Estevez, Youth Development Specialist - Pathways

During the month of February, Pathways has come up with an initiative to promote self-love and positive thinking throughout Carteret High School. This event is designed to inspire the students and faculty of Carteret High School to look for the good in every day.

We know that by incorporating positive thinking more often in your daily routine it will produce a healthier, happier, and more relaxed you.

CollageThroughout the month of February, Pathways is posting the challenge-of-the-day on social media and in the school building. One such challenge is “Instagram Wednesday Self-Love Hearts” where students are asked to write one thing they love about themselves and take a picture for Instagram. This provides a time for students to think about themselves for a moment and pick out a quality that they love about themselves and are proud of to help promote self-love and positive thinking.

Other activities include “Positive Quote Friday” where a positive quote is posted on social media, on a banner in a busy hallway and announced over the loud speaker so students can end their Positivity Challenge Collageweek on a positive note. The Positivity Challenge aims to try to gradually change the environment in the High School to encourage students to be kind to one another and ultimately be kind to themselves.

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