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Pathways Summer Camp Newsletter - Week 1 Highlights


By Jelysa Hernandez, Clinician I

Every summer, Pathways holds a summer camp for 47 current Carteret high schoolers as well as incoming 9th graders. Camp counselors and campers alike spend Monday-Thursday together from 9:30-2:30, and on Fridays students involved in the Central Jersey Arts Council (CJAC) Arts program volunteer at Carteret Park. Lunch is held daily from 12-1pm and is a bonding experience in itself! The goal of camp is to create bonds that will follow all students throughout their high school journey. In order to develop these bonds, students engage in various team building activities and learn how to embrace each other’s differences. Below are highlighted activities from our first week:

alltogetherbigAll together is a team building game in which participants have to find a way to get up from the floor “all together” with locked arms. Kids ultimately had to work on coordinating how to effectively get up and use communication skills before moving. It is harder than it looks and is definitely hilarious to watch!

This picture was taken during Dance Club. Club time occurs twice a week and encompasses sports, dance, theater games, fitness and arts and crafts. Campers are given a choice of clubs that are of interest to them.

While painting with Dibble and Dabble, everyone learned that they are all unique artists in their own way. All campers painted the same painting but added their own creative pieces. They also IMG 5678excelled in showing respect and good manners while learning how to take direction.

Straw towers was another fun team building game in which participants are split up and have to create a tall tower from straws, a pipe cleaner, and paper clips. All individuals had to come together as a team to formulate an idea and create a tower. It was a fun experience for all participating and watching!

strawtowerTanks and grenades is just a fun bonding game in which participants are split up into pairs, one individual wearing a blindfold and the other guiding their teammate to get other pairs “out”. It was definitely funny to see those in blindfolds attempting to win!

Participants also showed team spirit by creating team banners. Teams will receive points based on attitude, listening skills, and good showmanship.

A few upper classmen will be chosen as mentors for our Freshman Transition Program, which will take place for an additional week following the 4th week of camp. FTP will include incoming 9th graders and will be geared towards helping these students succeed as high schoolers through additional workshops. Mentors will be available for these incoming freshman throughout the school year. tankscloseupThe first week of camp was definitely a success!

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