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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending February 12, 2021


NJ Human Services to Expand Availability of Medication that Supports Recovery from Addiction
New Program Will Increase Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment that Aids in Recovery from Opioids

Mental health professionals are the ones taking care of us: Who's taking care of them?
USA TODAY spoke with half a dozen mental health workers who told us the pandemic has been the most challenging year of their professional lives.

Opioids, COVID-19 and Racism: A Deadly Trifecta
Drug overdose deaths are on the rise all around the country, including in Chicago, Illinois. ProPublica Illinois reporter Duaa Eldeib explains how the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the opioid epidemic, and the challenges that public health officials are facing as they work to reduce opioid-related deaths.

NJ site offers mental health help with digital therapy
Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and both are being tested during the pandemic. New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies vice president of public affair and member services, Shauna Moses, said it helps that more people are having discussions about mental health openly as the impact of mental health affects everyone.

Physician-pharmacist collaboration may increase adherence to opioid addiction treatment
A collaborative approach to treating opioid use disorder that relies heavily on community pharmacists is feasible and may increase adherence and participant satisfaction, according to a pilot study published today in Addiction.

When Life Becomes Overwhelming, Take Care of Yours...
Why Schools Need a Prevention Education Program

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