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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending January 22, 2021


A Medical Treatment For Meth Addiction Proves Effective In New Trial.
For the first time, a medication regime has been found effective for some patients with meth addiction in a large, placebo-controlled trial. It's welcome news for those working with the growing number of people struggling with meth addiction..

10 of the Best Podcasts About Mental Health
A good mental health podcast is no substitute for talking to a qualified professional, such as a therapist—even when, as is the case with Therapy for Black Girls, the host actually is one.

Mental Health Disorders Common Among ICU Staff During COVID-19
45 percent of respondents met threshold for probable clinical significance on measures of depression, PTSD, anxiety, problem drinking

The Faces of Madness
A woman sits in front of a camera. She wears a straw hat, checkered dress, scarf, and a blanket over her shoulders. She looks up at the viewer, away from the dead bird she holds in her hands. Taken in Victorian England at the dawn of photography, this was among the first photographs of an individual with a mental illness.

Naltrexone use decreases the risk of hospitalization in persons with alcohol use disorder
Naltrexone, used either alone or together with disulfiram or acamprosate, is associated with a decreased risk of hospitalization due to alcohol use disorder (AUD) when compared with non-use of AUD drugs, a new register-based study shows.

12 Tips to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs and Alcoh...
How to Become a CADC in New Jersey: Your Step-by-S...

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