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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending June 26, 2020


A New Addiction Crisis: Treatment Centers Face Financial Collapse
Fewer patients in recent months have been showing up for drug and alcohol treatment at REACH Health Services in Baltimore. But Dr. Yngvild Olsen, the medical director there, suspects it's not for good reasons: Some have likely relapsed or delayed drug and alcohol addiction treatment, while others likely fear infection and have stayed home.

Facing a broken mental health system, many U.S. teens fall off a dangerous 'cliff' in their care
An 18th birthday can mean many things. It's a formal step into adulthood. It's the newfound right to vote, get a tattoo, join the armed forces, be called for jury duty.

For those in addiction recovery, telehealth has pros and cons
In the wake of COVID-19, doctors officers switched to treatment through telehealth to keep patients safe. For addicts and recovering addicts, the idea of getting help though virtual connections was a little different.

Mental health spending may be up because of COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has upended health care spending by employers who offer health insurance. They may save money this year, as some employees put off care because of the pandemic. But they appear to be spending more right now on mental health services, according to a new survey from the accounting firm PwC.

New Study Sees Unprecedented Trauma from the Pandemic
The Covid-19 pandemic could inflict long-lasting psychological trauma on an unprecedented scale, according to a study being done by researchers from Case Western Reserve University. They are looking at how the crisis is affecting Americans' mental health and coping strategies..

Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending Jul...
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