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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending May 10, 2019


Bill Would Help Counter Overdoses by Allowing Libraries To Use Narcan
Acting to help counter the tragic number of overdose deaths fueled by the opioid epidemic, a Senate committee today approved a bill authored by Senator Joe Cryan that would allow public libraries to keep supplies of life-saving Narcan available..

Shame Around Mental Illness May Be Fading, Survey Shows
Stigma regarding mental health could be disappearing in the United States, a new survey finds.

N.J.'s marijuana bill nearly 'dead.' That means you may get to vote on making weed legal.
It's now all but certain that New Jersey voters, and not lawmakers, will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana in the state

Stigma About Mental Health Issues In The Workplace Exists: Here's What Companies Can Do About It
For all of the progress we as a society have made in bringing mental illness out of the shadows, a stubborn stigma persists.

Needle exchanges find new champions among Republicans
Once repellent to conservative politicians, needle exchanges are now being endorsed and legalized in Republican-controlled states.

As Meth Use Surges, First Responders Struggle To Help Those In Crisis
Amelia and her roommate had been awake for two days straight.

Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending May...
The 19th Annual New Jersey Prevention Network Addi...

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