By: Jordan Indyk, Clinician for School Based Clinical Services

This year Wellspring Center for Prevention was granted the opportunity to expand further into the South Plainfield School District. Clinicians entered both Grant School and South Plainfield Middle School to help provide services in lower grade levels, to try and address issues at a younger before the students reach the high school, where staff has been located for several years now and has seen an ever-increasing use of services. Throughout the year, clinicians have worked to create relationships with both staff and students to help provide a safe and inviting environment for students to engage in.

Within the first several months of the school year, over 35 students have been engaged in ongoing services with the agency through individual counseling, groups, social skill lessons and in-class social and emotional learning lessons. Staff have been able to assist guidance counselors in risk assessments and in handling crisis situations. Above all, the presence of Wellspring Center for Prevention has assisted in promoting a positive space within the school and raising mental health awareness overall.

In South Plainfield Middle School, teachers have had the opportunity to request class lessons on specific topics and have the Wellspring clinician come in to speak about these topics. Staff and students have reported enjoying these lessons, and the staff reports that they feel students have benefited from talking about topics not normally discussed within the classroom. Multiple groups are held on a weekly basis to help students struggling with the lasting effects of the pandemic with regard to social skills and self-expression. Parents have reported being grateful for these resources and opportunities available to their children.

Moving forward into the 2023 year, Wellspring Center for Prevention looks forward to further expanding and reaching more students within the two schools. The overall goal will be to continue to promote positivity and mental health awareness.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

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