Elementary students do an art activity.

By Jordan Indyk, Clinician 

Although often filled with excitement, the transition to summer may not always be an easy one. Routines are changed, supports are lost and for many, seeing peers may not be as easy as it once was. This summer, The PATH staff collaborated with Carteret Schools Elementary Summer Program to assist in helping students feel supported during the summer months.

The PATH staff visited each school’s summer sessions for two hours per week for the month of July, engaging with 100 students ranging from grades kindergarten through fourth. During this time, students were able to participate in teambuilding activities and games that focused on promoting positive peer interactions, building social skills and positive communication, and strengthening impulse control.

The PATH hosted Tommy Tsunami Pisciotta, the scientist from High Touch High Tech, at each of the three elementary schools for an hour of fun-filled science experiments. Students followed directions to create several science experiments, including making slime and sidewalk chalk.

Students had the opportunity to make kites, egg carton caterpillars, and decorated pots. They also planted flower seeds. The PATH counselors discussed with children the responsibility in taking care of something and how things change with growth, just as they do.

Throughout their time with students, The PATH also hosted yoga instructors for a total of nine different sessions, helping students to practice self-control and mindfulness. Students had the opportunity to engage in team-building activities, including relay races, social bingo, and other team games.

Overall, students were engaged in the activities and showed excitement at the arrival of The PATH counselors each session. They built positive and healthy relationships with peers as well as PATH counselors and learned more about The PATH services and activities to get involved in throughout the school year.

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