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The importance of addressing mental health in schools has been recognized as an essential aspect of a student’s well-being. Mental health services and programs have been put in place in many schools across the country to support students who may be struggling. Metuchen High School is one school that has benefitted from such programs, and the recently published report by Lauren Balkan, Deputy Director of School-Based Clinical Services, Supplied

 updates on the services provided by their organization, highlights the excellent work done during the noted period.

By the Numbers: Improving Student Well-Being

The statistics provided by the report indicate that the organization served 52 unduplicated youths, with 96 clinical sessions and 34 crisis sessions. A total of 734 student contacts were made, indicating a wide-reaching and impactful program. The lunchtime mental health events that were hosted were also successful, with high participation rates for events such as Mental Health Awareness Month, Pride Month, Bullying Prevention Month, World Kindness Day, and the upcoming Teen Dating Violence Awareness presentation.

Student Activities at Metuchen High School

The activity highlights of the program showcased a wide range of efforts made to improve student well-being, including a presenter at the MHS Health and Wellness Fair, the observance of National Stress Awareness Month, and the provision of anti-stress kits distributed during student crises. The organization also distributed “testing goody bags” to students prior to final exams, collaborated with the GSA, and hosted a lunchtime table focused on LGBTQ+ Month. In September 2022, the organization also created and distributed Back to School Survival Kits to students, and “Bags of Kindness” to celebrate World Kindness Day and encouraged students to practice random acts of kindness.

The bulletin boards for student outreach were also thoughtfully designed, covering topics such as self-harm awareness, stress awareness, mental health awareness, LGBTQ+ pride, suicide prevention, bullying prevention, gratitude, managing stress/anxiety, building coping skills, and building self-esteem. The organization also observed International Boost Self-Esteem Month by putting up tear-away motivational posters in hallways.

The upcoming events and programming already been planned for where?/when? show that the organization’s commitment to student well-being is ongoing, including the Sandy Hook Promise for See Something, Say Something, AIR Therapy Dogs for Stress Awareness Month, and Spine and Sports Medicine for teacher massages.

In conclusion, the report presented by Miss Balkan to the Metuchen Board of Education highlights the excellent work done by the organization during the noted period. The commitment to student well-being is evident in the services provided, high participation rates, andthoughtful programming. We applaud the organization for its dedication to student well-being and look forward to seeing continued success in the future.

Read the full report below:

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