Students from the South Brunswick High School chapter of Incorruptible Us attended the 2023 LMTI Summer Leadership Conference. This weeklong conference is held every summer at Camp Mason in Hardwick, NJ. Students participated in various activities and workshops designed to help them learn more about themselves and develop leadership skills in a fun and positive environment. Over 150 youth participated in workshops, process and action groups and listened to various motivational speakers who taught them about the importance of living a purposeful and substance-free life. The camp was a great mix of fun and educational activities. They had a dance with a silent DJ, arts and crafts, swimming, hiking and morning meditation.

On the first night, motivational speaker DeMarco Fomby told the audience “Your passion has the potential to change other people’s perspectives. Your passion is power.” With his guitar and sense of humor, he kicked off the week with his encouraging words. The second day started with teambuilding activities utilizing an outdoor ropes course. Students learned how to support each other and recognized the importance of asking for help.

The next day was filled with various workshops and another motivational speaker, Erin Pompa. She was passionate about mental health and the steps you need to take to overcome life’s challenges. Sean O’Beirne, a LMTI Alumnae ended the day talking to the youth about his journey. He told the audience, “If I change the way I think, then it starts to change the things I believe.” The highlight of the fourth day was a fun dinner where the adult advisors served the students a delicious meal and ended with a touching candlelight ceremony.

On the last day, LMTI recognized our Incorruptible Us students for their hard work during the 2022-2023 school year with the Knowledge Award.

Special thanks to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids for providing the funding for our students to participate in this program.

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