Alyssa Steele and Alexa Manley, Clinicians

Carteret Elementary Schools acknowledge growth mindset as the social emotional learning topic for the month of May. Having a growth mindset means that we believe our abilities can be further developed with dedication, hard work and persistence. When a child has a growth mindset, they believe in themselves and in their abilities. Students who have a growth mindset have a strong sense of self and are resilient when faced with challenges.

In order to bring awareness to the importance of having a growth mindset, Path clinicians, Alyssa and Alexa, created a school wide activity throughout the month of May. Path clinicians challenged elementary students to think about how their abilities have developed and grown throughout the year. Students were encouraged to create “growth mindset flowers” and write or draw things that they were not able to do at the beginning of the school year, that they are now able to do.

To show off our students’ growth, Path clinicians created bulletin boards filled with growth mindset flowers. Some examples of how students have been able to grow their brains this year are “I can now count to 100 by 10s”, “I have become a better listener”, “I can write in full sentences”, and “I have learned how to ride my bike”.

This activity has allowed each elementary school to come together and acknowledge their accomplishments and growth throughout the year. This activity gave students the space to reflect on how they have progressed, and allowed teachers to review and praise students for their hard work and dedication. By the students engaging in school-wide activities such as “growth mindset flowers”, our students are able to better develop positive mindsets, higher self-esteem, and resiliency skills.

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