By: Aja Bradley, Clinician for Pathways School Based Clinical Services

Girl Talk was started to provide a healthy outlet for girls to express themselves. It has also been a great way for girls to meet and connect on topics related to them. In addition to discussion-based meetings, Girl Talk incorporates artistic activities to challenge the girls’ creative skills!

For the month of December, Girl Talk meetings called for amazing artistic and baking skills.

Last year’s Paint N Fun was a big hit and the girls found painting both fun and relaxing, many asking when the next one would be. So, this month, Pathways teamed up with local art center, Dibble and Dabble, to host Girl Talk’s second Paint N Fun.

In preparation for winter, Dibble & Dabble led the girls through the creation of a beautiful wintery scene.

13 girls were invited for an afternoon of painting, music, socializing, and food! Again, the girls were thrilled to have participated and are looking forward to the next one in the spring.

Our second Girl Talk meeting in December was just days before winter break. Without a doubt, you could feel the holiday spirit among us. Girl Talk joined in on the festivities by making ninja gingerbread people. However, these were not your typical ready-to-go gingerbread cookies. In the Carteret High School model apartment, we gathered to mix, knead, and roll the gingerbread dough. 

They used stencils to create various ninja-posed gingerbread people. 

Once everyone made about 2-3 cookies, we moved on to baking, decorating, and finally, eating!

It got a bit messy but, in the end, it was so worth it.  Baking together was less structured than our usual Girl Talk meetings, allowing the girls to converse more naturally. They talked about their classes, family, and spent time doodling on the whiteboard while the cookies baked. Just 3 days until winter break, the girls shared a meaningful experience and had a tasty treat.

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