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Fall Festival Fun With the PATH


By Caroline Capriccio, Youth Development Specialist

This October, Carteret Middle School hosted its first Fall Festival. All middle school students had the opportunity to attend. The festival was held over the course of two days. Students who opted into hybrid learning participated throughout the school day. Alternatively, students who remained virtual were welcome to join after school hours.

All staff and administration took part in the festivities. Teachers lead various gaming activities such as ring toss, football toss and bowling. Members of the administration also competed in a fun soccer activity where students had the chance to shoot a goal against a principal.

The PATH, however, contributed toward a more therapeutic activity: pumpkin painting. Research has shown that art therapy is a great activity to help alleviate stress. Painting as a hobby encourages self-expression, creativity and relaxation. At the festival, each student picked out a pumpkin while members of the PATH provided paint brushes and palates. It was a fantastic opportunity for members of the PATH to engage in social interaction and help distract students from their daily stress and anxiety.

Additionally, staff and students were encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes. Members of the PATH dressed up as care bears-a gentle reminder to all students that our team is always available to help.

Overall, the festival was a success. Students were able to have fun while still maintaining social distancing guidelines and adhering to sanitizing procedures. 

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