High On Spice: The Dangers Of Synthetic Marijuana

In this hard-hitting program, viewers learn the dangers of a newly banned drug called Spice or K2. Until December 2010, Spice was legally sold around the country as incense (?not for human consumption?) in convenience stores, head shops and on the Internet. Hundreds of ER visits and calls to poison control centers nationwide prompted the DEA to categorize Spice as a Schedule I substance. Although now illegal, Spice continues to be abused by teens who assume the herbal mixture?which is sprayed with various synthetic cannabinoids?is a substitute for marijuana. Viewers hear from young adults who were hooked on Spice with scary and sometimes life-threatening results including terrifying anxiety attacks, hallucinations, escalated blood pressure and addiction. The program also interviews drug counselors and law enforcement personnel who emphasize the dangers of experimenting with any substance that contains unknown quantities of experimental chemicals. Program clearly and memorably lays out the truth about this unpredictable drug and its potential to cause great harm.

Additional Info

  • Subject: Drugs
  • Length: 14m
  • Format: DVD
  • Audience: GR# 7-YA
Read 1994 times

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