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Pathways Summer Camp Newsletter - Week 2 Highlights

By Jelysa Hernandez, Clinician I As the second week of camp comes to an end, it is safe to say that bonds are being created on a daily basis. Here are some highlighted activities from our second week: Participants played a team building activity called human knot in which all individuals link up their arms and have to work to free themselves and create a circle. Gina and Jenna from Wellspring Center for Prevention presented a workshop with valuable information on nutrition and mood. Everyone was given a list of foods that positively contribute to mood as well as a food journal for accountability. Tuesday was movie day! Everyone had the choice of seeing either Skyscraper, The Incredibles 2, or Ant Man and the Wasp . Counselors were split accordingly. Hit the Deck was a huge hit! All participants are given directions and have to follow closely with a teammate... Or...
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