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Jun 7
Friday, June 7, 2024 8:30 am - 4:00 pm Zoom

Instructor: Josh Collins

Description: This class will focus on the dysregulation of the brain, body, and nervous system from addiction and co-occurring issues. After some education on the brain drawing from Koob and Volkow (neuroscience about addiction), attachment theory, and some polyvagal theory, the focus will be on incorporating somatic practices (including mindfulness) into both individual and group treatment. The purpose of this class is to give attendees a new lens through which to understand and treat the people they work with. A significant focus will be on utilizing grounding skills, breathwork, and meditation. The role of nutrition and connection with others as part of the healing process will be covered.

Important notes:

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  • All classes are held virtually via Zoom. Log-in information will be shared in advance of each class.

Cancellation and Refund policy

  • We request a 24-hour notice to cancel your registration for this class. Be aware that registrants who provide at least a 24-hour notice when canceling his/her scheduled attendance of a class can opt to reschedule to another CADC class. Otherwise, funds WILL NOT BE refunded.

Each class starts promptly at 9AM.

Wellspring’s Recert courses are approved for six (6) initial and renewal hours towards Certified/Licensed Alcohol and Drug credentials (CADC/LCADC) issued by the Addictions Professionals Certification Board of New Jersey (APCBNJ) (Provider #208)

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