REC: Deescalating Techniques for Managing the Aggressive Client

Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 09:00am - 04:00pm

Contact Lissette Mejia-Bacharde @ 732.254.3344 ext. 114


Agitation is an acute behavioral emergency requiring immediate intervention. Traditional methods of treating agitated patients, i.e. routine restraints and involuntary medication, have been replaced with a much greater emphasis on a non-coercive approach. Experienced practitioners and counselors have found that if such interventions are undertaken with genuine commitment, successful outcomes can occur far more often than previously thought possible. As the media shows, violence in healthcare is all too common, and healthcare providers and staff need to be prepared to handle aggressive and potentially violent situations if they occur. Educating staff about the risks of violence and strategies to address such behavior is imperative for healthcare organizations.

This training will help participants learn how, what and where deescalating clients can happen and help provide information that will help counselors maintain control of the facility and help the client remain calm at all times.

INSTRUCTOR: Derrick Watkins, MSW

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