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Monday, 09 May 2016 10:06

Wellspring Announces New Web-Based Resources for Older Adults with Gambling Issues

Thanks to a grant from the Council on Compulsive Gambling New Jersey (CCGNJ), Wellspring Center for Prevention has launched a new web portal that provides resources and information on older adults and gambling.

The new portal can be accessed at http://wellspringprevention.org/information-referral/older-adults-gambling.

“We are thankful to the CCGNJ for enabling us to provide this important resource to the community,” stated Wellspring Executive Director Ezra Helfand. “Gambling in New Jersey is on the rise and has taken its toll on some of its most vulnerable citizens, older adults. This portal provides a handy resource to older adults, their families and caregivers.”

The portal features useful documents which are available for download in PDF format. Included are brochures such as “Freedom from Problem Gambling” and “Loved One’s Guide”. Additional links to important resources are also provided including “Seniors and Gambling”, “Older Adults Fact Sheet “, and “Losing Everything to Gambling Addiction”.

“CCGNJ applauds Wellspring Center for Prevention’s efforts in creating a greater awareness of problem and disordered gambling among older adults,” according to Ms. Neva Pryor, MS, Executive Director of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey. “Many seniors gamble for fun and entertainment and can control their gambling. However, an approximate 5% of older adults fall victim to gambling addiction. This may occur for individuals who have suffered the loss of loved one and are lonely.” Ms. Pryor added, “Retirement can also lead into problem gambling for some as individuals often look for ways to fill up their days.”

Wellspring’s website provides access to information, referral resources and support to those who need assistance when confronting the disease of alcoholism and drug dependence. In addition to information resources, the website provides treatment referrals through its web-based help tool available at helptool.org. The Jason Surks Memorial Prevention Resource Center features a special section titled “Addiction Facts and Information” which includes information on alcohol, and other drugs, as well as information relevant to youth, parents and families.

To help with visitors search for information about alcohol and other drug use disorders, Wellspring has compiled a directory of outside resources to complement our own. The Helpful Links section features briefings on topics such as Treatment, Special Populations, and 12-Step groups.