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Cyberbullying Primer

Cyberbullying is an insidious form of bullying because bullies can extend their reach far beyond the schoolyard. The impact that cyberbullying can have on the attitudes and academic performance of youth is well documented. The goal of this course is to help you understand more about the digital world and how cyberbullying occurs as well as to provide you with ideas that will help you combat this growing problem among young people.

Course Topics

  • Define different types of social media and examples of each.
  • Explain what cyberbullying is and how it occurs.
  • List different ways that kids cyberbully and participate in cyberbullying, the roles involved in cyberbullying and the reasons that adolescents cyberbully each other.
  • Understand how cyberbullying affects a child's academic achievement.
  • Explain how cyberbullying can be identified and prevented by parents, educators, caregivers, and adolescents.