CPS Courses

Personal Growth & Responsibility

As professionals in the field of prevention, it is critical to understand the ethics and legal issues that impact your work. In this time of few resources being directed toward prevention, it is even more important that Prevention Specialists ensure the services provided best meet the needs of their communities.

Professional Growth (P601)

This course will provide information on how participants can increase knowledge, skills, and abilities related to current prevention theory and practice. It will outline how to develop networking strategies designed to strengthen and increase professional relationships and how to keep current on prevention resource updates and legislative updates.

Ethics and Legal Issues for Prevention Specialist (P602)

At the end of this course, the student should be able to not only understand the legal, professional, and ethical standards that apply to prevention specialists, but also how that impacts their day to day work. They will learn about the laws relating to confidentiality (42CFR PART 2) and the importance of compliance. The Certification Board Code of Ethics will be reviewed and participants will understand reporting responsibilities.

Cultural Competency (P603)

This course will increase cultural awareness, discuss the need for change, and importance of competency for the prevention professional. It will focus on understanding different cultures on a worldwide-bases, building skills necessary for effectively working within certain communities and populations as well as identifying different resources that can aid in providing the best cultural practice.

Please note: This course is available online. Please click here for more information and to order.

Self Care for the Prevention Specialist (P604)

Stress can take its toll on many professionals – including prevention specialists. This course will describe the role stress plays and the impact on one's professional and personal life. It describes effective methods of caring for oneself and working on keeping a balance between one's work and personal lives. Participants reflect on healthy and unhealthy ways of dealing with stress including the use of alcohol and other drugs and learn to adopt and model healthy behaviors.

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