CPS Courses

Public Policy and Environmental Change

While providing evidence-based programming to individuals and families is central to the work of Prevention Specialists, nothing has a greater impact on the larger community than changes in policy. Whether they come in the form of school regulations, local ordinances, or state laws, policy changes have the ability to change community norms related to substance use in powerful ways.

Introduction to Methods and the Impact of Environmental Change (P501)

Participants will understand how the culture around our youth plays a significant part in forming their values and behavioral norms. They will understand how environmental change strategies move away from the focus on individual behavior and attempt to impact this larger environment. In addition to the skills they need to resist pressures to use alcohol and other drugs, will the environment around them provide protection or put them more at risk. Strategies include change laws, policies and community practices. This course will cover the impact of environmental change on the entire population to reduce collective risk.

Assessment and Planning of Environmental Strategies (P502)

In this course the student will learn what Environmental Strategies are and be able to discern between individual and environmental strategies. Students will discuss the Environmental Prevention Model as well as how to implement a needs assessment. Finally, students will learn how to implement strategies and how and what tools to use to evaluate their effectives.

Implementation & Enforcement of Environmental Change Strategies (P503)

This course will focus on CADCA's environmental change strategies and how they are used to affect environmental norms for problem behaviors. Special attention will be directed to policy development and enforcement initiatives. Prevention practitioners can expect to learn how to provide technical assistance to set the stage and orchestrate the environmental plan in various settings.

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