Acts of Prevention

Program Description

Acts of PreventionTM is a unique and exciting program developed in response to the changing needs of our youth. It is based upon a collaborative relationship between the creative arts and prevention.

Acts of Prevention is comprised of young college age actors that deliver several different topic driven scripts to Middle and High School students. Through their various monologues, they discuss important and relevant subject matter that deals with hardships, stress, social issues, bullying, illness and more.

Research has shown that the arts have a significant positive impact on the lives of adolescents and promotes the use of critical thinking skills. It also provides a safe framework for all youth and communities regardless of differences and culture.

Acts of Prevention provides schools with a unique alternative to traditional prevention activities. Each program is comprised of a 45 minute performance-based show that incorporates several of the creative arts. Each presentation is followed by a question and answer portion for the youth, to process the performance and to learn about alternative ways to help address many teen topics and issues.


The many components Acts of Prevention can assist the individual by developing resiliency and increasing emotional, behavioral, cognitive and cultural competencies. This unique programming will provide options, challenges, and an effective means for promoting growth and change. Feedback from teachers and school counselors report the performances have prompted in-class discussions, bringing up important topics that have led to a positive increase in teacher and student self-referrals.
Performances Available

VOICES – is written to empower young women, utilizing real problems that young people all too often face alone. The six different monologues press on issues such as drug abuse, eating disorders, teen pregnancy, homosexuality, and other problems that teens struggle with everyday. This performance teaches young woman that there is help when they need it, and that no matter what may happen, they are not alone.

VOICES OF US - is an extension of Voices. With the same monologues and issues used in Voices, this performance adds the perspectives of young men and the roles they play in the lives of the young women. It shows that young men face issues that are just as difficult and expresses the importance of seeking help, so no one, male or female, is alone.

FADE - focuses on youth considering dropping out of school. It expresses the many different situations and real problems many youth experience throughout high school, which may lead an adolescent to make this life-changing choice. The performance expresses the need and provides the inspiration to finish school, so those who are ready to give up don't fade away.

THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD - focuses on drinking and driving, as well as distracted driving. The performance looks at not only the drunk driver and the victim, but also the families that are affected by such a preventable and senseless act. This performance expresses the importance of thinking through the choices adolescents make, because the decisions they make may not only affect their own lives, but also the lives of others.

A DAY IN THE LIFE: CONFESSIONS OF A MIDDLE SCHOOL KID – is designed for both students and their parents. It takes the audience through the hallways of middle school life. It expresses the concerns of the adults in a child's life and shows how quickly a simple statement can turn into a complicated rumor. This performance illustrates that children have much to say and the importance of adults in their lives taking the time to listen.

NOTE: Wellspring holds open auditions for the expansion of the current Acts of Prevention Troupe, which consists of approximately thirty graduates of Middlesex County high schools. This technique of utilizing youth in the roles of their peers provides a unique opportunity for middle and high school students to see themselves and their issues as defined by their very own peers.

For more information on the Acts of Prevention programs available, please contact us at 732-254-3344 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Funding for the Acts of Prevention program made possible through a grant from the PNC Foundation.PNC logo

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