Innovations in Prevention

Since 1980, Wellspring has been a leader in the ever-more scientific field of prevention science. Far from telling youth to “Just Say NO,” we pledge to only provide services we can demonstrate change behavior for the better. Done correctly, every $1 invested in prevention returns up to $18 in savings to society. Investing in Wellsprings innovative prevention services is an excellent investment in your community’s future.


We all belong to various communities, whether they are our families, neighborhoods, places of worship, or local senior centers. For prevention to truly be effective, it must impact us where we live. Wellspring offers a wide variety of evidence-based prevention programs tailored for each of the communities we call home.
When most people think of prevention, they think of school programs. Unfortunately, if you ask any child, you will learn that too many programs do no good at all or even encourage experimentation with alcohol and other drugs. At Wellspring, we know our programs are effective, because they have all been rigorously evaluated to document their impact.
More than a program, Pathways is a partnership between Wellspring and a school district designed to provide everything a child needs, so that when they are in the classroom, all they need to worry about is what is happening in that classroom. Our current partnership with Carteret High School creates a safe, structured environment within the school to address the social and health needs of students, ensuring that they are better able to graduate, become employable or continue their education, and lead physically and mentally healthy, drug-free lives.

Friends of Addiction Recovery

Add Your Face & Voice To The Recovery Movement

Our Vision

The positive aspects of addiction recovery will be visible, supported, and known to the public; and the stigma attached to all individuals affected by addiction will be overcome. 

Our Mission

Friends of Addiction Recovery – New Jersey seeks to overcome the stigma of addiction; and to honor, support, celebrate, and promote the positive experience of recovery.

We are committed to providing opportunities for recovering individuals, their families, friends and allies to empower themselves as agents and voices for service and change. We accomplish this through:

  • Recovery Support Services
  • Learning Circles
  • Recovery Promotion
  • Public Awareness
  • Education
  • Advocacy

Who We Are

Friends of Addiction Recovery – New Jersey is a grass-roots recovery community organization comprised of individuals in recovery from addictive illness, and their families, significant others, and friends. 

Our Purpose

Our effort is aimed at reducing stigma associated with the illness of alcoholism and drug dependence, providing recovery support service, and advocating for alcoholics and drug-dependent individuals and their families. 

Support Service

Friends of Addiction Recovery – New Jersey offers recovery support learning circles, which are peer-driven and peer-led, to provide knowledge and awareness, and support and enhance recovery. We see service as a process, a joining with the other in a companionship and walking a common road for a period of time.

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