The mission of Pathways is to address all the needs of the students of Carteret High School
so that when they are in the classroom, they can focus on learning


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PALS (Partnering, Achieving, Leading, Supporting): A Commitment to Community Service

PALS is a recreational community service club at PATHWAYS that provides the students of Carteret High School an opportunity to positively impact their environment. Opportunities include in-school volunteering and off-site community service activities such as participation with Habitat for Humanity, walks for a cause, a local food pantry, a senior citizen thanksgiving luncheon, and participation in a statewide community beach sweep.

The club's momentum is maintained by enthusiastic participants and a dedicated student leadership team that generates ideas for future events based on the interests of the members and the needs of the community. PALS membership has grown to approximately 100 students each year, a size reportedly unmatched by any other non-sports related club in the high school.

PALS has become an important staple of the PATHWAYS program as it is a welcoming environment for any student who is looking to get involved in school activities, meet new people, and feel like they belong to a particular group with a purpose.

By being part of PALS, students not only gain experiences that enhance their high school transcripts and leadership skills, but they also recognize the value and fun in giving to others. They learn that helping others is actually self-rewarding and fulfilling, and this contributes to positive self-esteem, a feeling of achievement and a sense of community among team members. Through participation in PALS, students are spreading the word that there is something to gain by giving.

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