Overview of Continuum of Care

When most of us think of addiction treatment, we think of a “28-day program” or “detox.” Treatment is provided on a much more rich and varied continuum. In fact, some clients do not need a formal detoxification program, and for some an intensive outpatient program may be more appropriate than a residential program, particularly if the client has a job and a stable home environment. This determination is best made by a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC), and will normally be done as part of an initial assessment no matter which provider you call first.

No matter where you are loved one enters treatment, this should not be the only stop. Those who are most successful stage engaged in the treatment process for months or longer. This may mean a few days in a detoxification program, followed by a week or two in a residential program or a couple of months in an intensive outpatient program and then a few more months seeing a counselor once a week in a traditional outpatient program. Along the way, certain medications may be prescribed and mutual support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous may be recommended. Remember, it took a long to reach the point where you are now; it will take a long time to get back to where you want to be. Addiction is not like a broken leg, it is much more like diabetes and will require an overall change in lifestyle and continuous monitoring.

Keep in mind that the cost of treatment and its location is not necessarily an indication of its quality. There are programs in New Jersey just as effective as those advertised in Florida and California. If you have insurance coverage, check with your provider regarding their policies. Most offer less coverage than you would expect. If you do not have insurance, many treatment providers contract with local counties and the state to provide scholarships. If you have any questions, please call Wellspring at 732-254-3344 to speak with an Information & Referral Specialist.