Tree of Hope

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Wellspring Center for Prevention celebrates National Recovery Month each September by awarding the "Tree of Hope" to an organization that promotes recovery within Middlesex County.

Too often, the public's image of an alcoholic or drug addict is that of someone in, or one step away from, the gutter. The Tree of Hope aims to change that image by bringing together individuals who have experienced the life-changing transformation that true recovery brings. These individuals are our neighbors, friends, and family members. By recognizing these individuals publicly, they not only help change the perception that addiction is hopeless, but their example can be a powerful inspiration for those just starting on the road to recovery themselves.

Past recipients include:

  • 2002 - Crawford House
  • 2003 - Rutgers University Health Services
  • 2004 - Raritan Bay Medical Center
  • 2005 - Friendship Hall
  • 2006 - Princeton House
  • 2007 - New Hope Foundation's Open Door
  • 2008 - Crawford House
  • 2009 - Oxford House
  • 2010 - Elijah's Promise
  • 2011 - Blake Recovery Center at Carrier Clinic
  • 2012 - Renovation House
  • 2013 - New Brunswick Counseling Center
  • 2014 - First Step Counseling
  • 2015 - Catholic Charities
  • 2016 - The Raymond J. Lesniak, Experience Strength & Hope Recovery High School

Each year, the recipient and Wellspring host a moving ceremony to dedicate a live evergreen tree – a symbol of the hope that recovery is always possible. To insure wide participation in the ceremony, Wellspring distributes ornament order forms and flyers for the event. Flyers are available to groups or individuals that wish to encourage participation in the event. Ornaments are sold to commemorate the recovery efforts of individuals, to encourage those still struggling, and to memorialize those who have passed – whether in recovery, or in the depths of their illness. An order form is available below.

All proceeds from the sale of ornaments go to benefit the charitable works of Wellspring Center for Prevention, particularly the confidential Information and Referral Helpline that serves as a starting point for the recovery of over one thousand county residents each year. For more information about the ceremony or if you have any questions, please contact Wellspring at (732) 254-3344 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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