Did you grow up with a compulsive gambler

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The following questions may help you identify with others who grew up with compulsive gambling in their homes.GamblingParentSm

  1. Were you often missing money?
  2. Did you hide your money?
  3. Were you ever asked to lend money to a parent to pay a bill or debt?
  4. Did you know that if you loaned money to a parent or paid a bill that the money would not be repaid?
  5. Were you told that there was a bank account for you and when you were older discovered that the money was removed?
  6. Were you promised gifts or necessities that were never given?
  7. Did your family activities revolve around playing cards, watching sports on TV, participating in the lottery or other gambling activities?
  8. Did your family vacations center around gambling activities?
  9. Was a parent away from home for unexplained periods of time?
  10. Do you remember many family activities where both parents were not involved?
  11. Did your parents fight about money? Did you feel responsible?
  12. Do you become entangled in your parent’s money or financial issues?
  13. Did you stay alone a lot so you didn’t have to explain your home life to anyone else? Did you avoid bringing friends home?
  14. When you were growing up, did you ever feel that everyone depended on you to hold the family together?
  15. Did your parents use you as a sounding board for their marriage?
  16. Do you feel more like the parent than the child?
  17. Do you feel your relationship with your family is a lie?
  18. Are you attracted to people who gamble, or have other compulsions, or are needy?
  19. Is it difficult to trust people? Do you feel that you can never trust anyone totally?
  20. Do you obsess about money? Do you feel that you can never have enough money?
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