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Don’t Overindulge This Holiday Season—Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Mulled wine. Spiked egg nog. Hot toddies. Champagne toasts. The list of festive holiday drinks is endless. And so are your opportunities to overdo it. So before the festive season gets into full swing, take a moment to understand what all that alcohol does to your body. After your first alcoholic drink or two (which is moderate drinking, by the way), you start to get that relaxed, sociable feeling. Your heart rate speeds up; you feel animated and may have a happy buzz. But make no mistake; at this point your brain and nerves—which control reflexes and thinking—are already impaired. If you keep drinking, things start to go downhill quickly. Since your hands and feet may not be in sync with your brain and reflexes, your coordination and reaction time may be out of sorts. Lack of mental clarity can also lead to poor judgment and rash decisions. There’s also the...
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