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Feeding Students' Minds & Bodies


By Jeanne Neuwirth, LCSW, Clinician and Club Advisor

Breakfast Club 3 14 18 mirrorsself esteemPathways’ Breakfast Club celebrated a great year with a fruit smoothie party this past week! This group of students meets once per week before school to have breakfast and share dynamic discussions on relationships, body image, stress, coping skills, nutrition, and more.

This year, the group consisted of about 12-15 girls who engaged in therapeutic activities to accompany each topic, and they really got into these creative projects:

  • Gratitude journals: the girls elaborately decorated plain journals to take home and write things for which they are grateful each day, and the power of an attitude of gratitude was discussed.
  • Glitter relaxation jars: made as a relaxation tool, to accompany a lesson about coping with anxiety.
  • Kindness/peace rocks: we painted rocks and wrote kind messages on them, to keep or give to others, and girls reflected on the power of kind words.
  • Vision boards: we created vision boards regarding life goals for relationships, career, home, and travel. We considered the power of envisioning a positive future.
  • Love the Skin You’re In Challenge: we engaged in a challenge to eat only healthy food and exercise daily for a week. We discussed loving yourself and taking care of your body. Guest speaker Gina-Marie Miraglia from Wellspring Center for Prevention taught us about nutrition for teen girls, and how mood can be affected by nutrition.
  • 2 Yoga sessions: beginner sessions with meditative aspects.
  • Things that make me beautiful: we decorated hand-held mirrors with positive messages and listed our beautiful qualities inside and out.Breakfast Club what makes me beautiful
  • Worry doll craft: we made handmade worry dolls from a Guatemalan tradition, discussed worries and letting them go.
  • “Sound Bath” music therapy with our intern Dylan Goodwin: he played guitar, and discussed music therapy and the girls drew the feelings the music created in them.
  • Clay therapy with model magic clay: we discussed what memories of childhood clay evokes.

The students enjoyed the activities and connecting with one another in a relaxed environment--many said it put them in a great frame of mind for the day. BreakfastClubDrawingtoMusicDylan

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Monday, 25 March 2019

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