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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending September 21, 2018

Published 09-20-2018

Senate Poised to Pass Bill to Stop Flow of Opioids Through the Mail The Senate appears poised to pass a bill intended to shut a window through which fentanyl and other opioids pour into the United States from China through the mail, as lawmakers search desperately for ways to combat an epidemic affecting people of all ages and income levels across the country.Learn More   As opioid crisis rages, cost of overdose antidote spikes As the opioid epidemic continues to kill tens of thousands of Americans each year, the drug naloxone has proved invaluable in preventing overdose-related deaths.Learn More   Receipt of Timely Addiction Treatment and Association of Early Medication Treatment With Retention in Care Among Youths With Opioid Use Disorder What percentage of youths receive medications for opioid use disorder shortly after diagnosis, and are those who receive medications early after diagnosis more likely to remain in care compared with those who receive behavioral treatment only?Learn...

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Creating a Better Home Environment for Seniors with Mobility Issues

Published 08-14-2018

By Hazel Bridges Limited mobility is a challenge many seniors citizens face. You may have even noticed your own parents struggling with small tasks they used to do easily. The worst part for most people is having to start relying on family members more for everyday activities. But they shouldn’t have to give up their independence entirely in their own homes. There are modifications you can make that can help them regain some control of your life.Recognizing Mobility Issues In order to plan necessary modifications, it is obviously important to thoroughly understand which areas they are struggling with. Make a point when visiting to observe how Mom or Dad gets around the house. Input from the doctor and other health care professionals may give you insight on your parents’ abilities and areas of difficulty. Once you know their difficulties, you can create a plan to help them improve their surroundings. Preventing InjuriesHelping them...

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Piscataway High School Back-to-School Night

Published 09-14-2018

By Melisa Damcevska, Preventionist I The end of summer, the drop of the temperatures, and the start of a new school year also means schools are hosting annual Back-to-School Nights. These are annual events where parents and guardians are given an opportunity to experience the daily steps their children take while at school. Wellspring Center for Prevention hosted a table at Piscataway High School’s Back-to-School Night earlier this month. The staff came armed with information about substance use prevention and mental health promotion. Parents were able to collect valuable information and community resources right at the school. For many parents and youth, high school is a time of transition, growth and self-discovery, as well as a time where the susceptibility to substance use may skyrocket as youth begin to figure out who they are. Having these tools and information is critical to keeping students and parents informed and ultimately, healthy. At the Back-to-School night, parents...

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