Coalition for Healthy Communities

Our mission is to reduce substance abuse, especially among youth, by providing
opportunities for increased collaboration, coordinated planning, and sharing of resources.

Task Forces

The Coalition for Healthy Communities functions efficiently within Middlesex County through various goal-focused task forces, each addressing a particular priority area.

Marijuana Task Force

The Marijuana Task Force works to address the issue of legalization vs. decriminalization of marijuana in New Jersey. It will work to educate the community on what these issues would mean to NJ's youth. The task force will utilize information from our community and school surveys to identify and address community norms through environmental strategies such as Town Hall Meetings, and community forums and awareness campaigns. Staff liaison: Nicki Francis

Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force:

This task force focuses Coalition efforts on education and raising awareness about prescription and OTC drug abuse. Some main focuses include increasing education efforts to the medical community; and raise awareness of the 911 Overdose Prevention legislation through a comprehensive media campaign and expanding the reach of the "Be Smart About Medicine" project. Staff liaison: Mara Carlin.

Tobacco/Vaping Task Force:

This task force will assess existing tobacco prevention services in Middlesex County, identify groups that need support for their current prevention efforts, and develop new strategies to address tobacco prevention and treatment.  In addition, the task force will examine the impact of vaping on our communities.  Staff liaison:  Mara Carlin

Underage Drinking Task Force

The Underage Drinking Task Forces works to address this issue through education and environmental strategies including Town Hall Meetings, scheduling Beverage Server Trainings, and implementing awareness campaigns such as Parents Who Host Lose the Most, Talk, They Hear You, and Sticker Shock Events. They also work to impact community norms and advocate for public policies that aim to reduce underage drinking.  Staff liaison:  Heather Ward