Coalition for Healthy Communities

Our mission is to reduce substance abuse, especially among youth, by providing
opportunities for increased collaboration, coordinated planning, and sharing of resources.
Tuesday, 14 February 2017 15:02

Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking Act (STOP ACT) grant


The Coalition for Healthy Communities will work to change the norms which support underage drinking through a multi-level project that includes encouraging full enforcement current Private Property Ordinances and implementation of new ordinances in non-compliant towns in Middlesex County through the targeted engagement of law enforcement and youth as part of the process.

Population served

Three municipalities in Middlesex County have been identified based on multiple of risk factors putting youth in those communities at risk for underage drinking. Law enforcement members will be a primary focus since they are the ones responsible for enforcing the private property ordinances. Teens, identified as peer leaders in their targeted high school will be a part of the advocacy process. They will be provided with education and skills to outreach to their peers. Parents and other adults in a position to serve or provide alcohol to underage youth will also be addressed through this project.


Wellspring Center for Prevention proposes to implement efforts that will reinforce strategies outlined at the federal level. To minimize situations where underage youth gain access to alcohol, a media campaign will be launched highlighting the consequences for youth and adult servers, and publicizing existing laws against underage drinking. Additionally, we will work to ensure all existing laws against underage alcohol use are enforced consistently and uniformly and that ordinances are implemented in non-compliant towns.

To help implement the proposed activities, the Coalition will coordinate efforts with state entities including New Jersey Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), as well as County and local organizations including the Middlesex County Department of Human Services, County Prosecutor’s Office, local police departments, Municipal Governmental Officials, SADD chapters, schools, and the media, among others.

Project goals and measurable objectives

To reach our goal of reducing access to alcohol by underage youth in targeted, high risk communities in Middlesex County, our intervention will decrease the number of underage youth reporting past 30-day use and increase enforcement of local alcohol-related ordinances.

What We’re Doing in the Community

Under the STOP's program Wellspring Center for Prevention has a variety of programs for the community. These are listed under in the blue section titled "Stop in the Community".