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Need for Social Media's "Digital Detox"


By: Kimberly Hill, MSW, LCSW Mental Health Clinician

Have you ever walked into an establishment and noticed everyone is on their phone? Have you ever noticed how long it takes a young adult to put their phone away? In today's society, cellphones and media is a part of our daily lives. With cellphone use comes social media.

Social media comes in many platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and many more. 

Even though this is a great opportunity for communicating with peers and expressing yourself, excessive social media use is known to result in Anxiety and Depression. Social media can be experienced in both positive and negative ways. Social media can be used to influence others with motivational quotes and again, as a way to keep in touch. However, social media can negatively impact someone in different ways including comparing themselves to others or dealing with a cyberbully!

It's hard not to want to "fit in" or have "fear of missing out" when everywhere you look or scroll, there is someone that looks like they're having a better time than you. If you find yourself spending more time online than living experiences, that can be an awareness sign for you that maybe it's time to take a step back. Reducing your time limit or even changing your mindset of why you're logging on, can assist you in avoiding negative impacts. 

According to Psychology Today, a successful "digital detox" or reduction of social media such as no phone use after 9PM can be beneficial for physical health such as sleep and mental health. Awareness continues to be a key aspect of understanding yourself through this experience.


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