Playing Jeopardy with Middlesex County Older Adults


By: Gina-Marie Miraglia

Wellspring Center for Prevention offers a wide variety of programs and services appropriate for individuals across the lifespan.

One of our unique programs, Senior Jeopardy, is a big hit among older adults throughout Middlesex County. This program serves as an interactive and competitively educational game, just like the show! We offer a variety of topics including; Conflict Resolution, Substance Use and Abuse By Older Adults, Nutrition and Healthy Aging, Safe Prescription and OTC Drug Use, Maintaining a Healthy Mind, Healthy Coping, and Taking Control of Your Health.

Gina MelisaRecently, Wellspring Center for Prevention Preventionists Gina Miraglia and Melisa Damcevska joined the Old Bridge Senior Center and Old Bridge High School seniors for a fun Conflict Resolution Jeopardy game. The ‘Intergenerational Senior Jeopardy’ games take place a few times a year. During these games, we divided the players into two teams of mixed intergenerational seniors then, the teams compete against each other for points!

Throughout our Jeopardy game we reviewed why conflicts arise, emotions that play a role, why arguing can make conflicts bigger, and strategies to combat conflicts when they arise. During this game, the Old Bridge seniors and Old Bridge High School seniors worked together in their teams to answer the questions.

Conflict resolution skills are crucial since everyone will encounter conflicts from time to time throughout their lives. These life skills prepares people to solve problems with others fast and effectively. After the game was over, everyone left with more knowledge about how to approach and overcome their next conflict they have with someone.

On January 29th Wellspring Center for Prevention Preventionist Gina Miraglia and Accounting and Training Coordinator Lissette Bacharde implemented a Stress Relief Jeopardy game with parents of Perth Amboy at the Bayside Family Success Center.

During this event, we split our players into four teams to add a little competitive fun! Then, these teams tested their knowledge against one another about common causes of stress, the effects stress has on the body and mind, healthy coping mechanisms, and how to prevent excessive stress.

During our game we shared laughs, personal stories, and advice with one another. We focused on explaining how stress is something that will affect us across the lifespan. It is a normal part of our lives as a parent or PA Jeopardy 2child and what causes someone stress is unique to them. However, we emphasized the importance of recognizing when stress is becoming over barring and how to take action to reduce these feelings.

If you are interested in learning more about our Senior Jeopardy program or are interested in scheduling the program at your facility, please contact  a game please contact us at (732) 254-3344, or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending Feb...

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