How Prevalent Is Bullying?


Written by Jenny Silverstone

Bullying can happen in different places, it could be at school, whether in class, in the hallways, or at the playground. Maybe your child attends an after-school club, plays a sport, or goes to the mall. Bullies generally operate in areas where youths congregate and there is minimal adult supervision.

With technology, even the home is no longer a safe haven. Your child could be the victim of cyber-bullying via online devices or cell phones.

In the U.S., between 20 and 28 percent of children in grades 6-12 will experience bullying. Less than half the children in America, about 40 percent, that are bullied will report it to an adult (source).

In surveys, approximately 30 percent of children admit to having bullied others. These percentages increase when it comes to bullies being observed in the act. Just over 70 percent of children and school staff have witnessed instances of bullying.

Verbal and social bullying are the most common, followed by physical bullying and, less frequently, cyber-bullying, with the exception of “LGBTQ” youths. In this group, 55 percent are subject to cyber-bullying.

For those bullied in middle school, the percentages for different types of bullying are:
• 44.2 percent experience name-calling.
• 43.3 percent are teased.
• 36.3 percent are subject to the spreading of lies or rumors.
• 32.4 percent experience shoving or pushing.
• 29.2 percent are slapped, hit, or kicked.
• 28.5 percent are left out of things.
• 27.4 percent are threatened.
• 27.3 percent have their belongings stolen.
• 23.7 percent are subject to sexual gestures or comments.
• 9.9 percent are subject to bullying by email or blogs.

Jenny Silverstone is the mother of two, and breastfeeding advocate and an editor and writer for the popular parenting blog Mom Loves Best. Jenny's loves helping inspire and educate other mothers on all topics related to motherhood and parenting.

Here's the link to the guide to bullying prevention:

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