Nicki Francis Receives Friend of a SAC Award


Nicki Francis, Coordinator of Program and Professional Development at Wellspring Center for Prevention recently received the Friend of a SAC Award.

The award was handed out by the Association of Student Assistance Professionals of N.J. (ASAP-NJ). ASAP-NJ is an organization of individuals employed in schools, agencies or school-based programs whose functions include advocating and developing a school-based student assistance/substance awareness program. The group meets the needs of youth in the education, prevention, intervention, and referral services for high-risk behaviors, including substance abuse and violence issues.

When Nicki joined Wellspring she brought with her a wealth of experience in prevention program development and delivery. She is multi-certified in several evidenced-based prevention programs and she has trained many professionals on Harassment Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) and Bullying Prevention, Creating Climate Change in School and SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment).

She is also experienced in effective practices to ensure community level change. She is an expert in facilitating Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug education presentations and violence prevention workshops.
Nicki has been the representative from Wellspring to the Middlesex County Association of Student Assistance Professionals of New Jersey (ASAP) for the past two years, and as such has provided a wealth of resources and up-to-date information and statistics to Middlesex SAC’s.

She has delivered presentations on timely topics such as current drug trends and social media at monthly meetings. Some of these presentations have resulted in requests to do classroom or staff development programs in many districts in the county.

Nicki has dedicated her professional work to improving the lives of young people. She has a unique ability to connect with them – whether delivering a classroom curriculum or working in a small group – on a caring and personal level without judgement and finds a way to meet them where they are at the present time – especially those who present the greatest need.

Anyone who has had the opportunity to meet or hear Nicki present feels an immediate connection. Her sincerity and work ethic gains the esteem of those who have the opportunity to work with her and she promotes the wellbeing of youth, families and professionals in the field daily through her professional knowledge, encouragement and support.

Wellspring Center for Prevention was proud to nominate Nicki Francis for the “Friend of a SAC” Award for Middlesex County.

Pictured are: Amy Rock, Long Branch Middle School, Nicki Francis, and Jennise Nieves of K.E.Y.S Academy


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