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BE the CHANGE Club Celebrates Self-Care


By: Caroline Capriccio, Youth Development Specialist

February is a time to reflect and celebrate our love for others. But what about for ourselves? Often, we overlook and push aside our mental health and emotional wellbeing - even more so during a pandemic. So, for the month of February, the PATH and BE the CHANGE club focused their efforts on reminding staff and students about the importance of self-care.

BE the CHANGE Club Activities

During our monthly meeting, student members of BE the CHANGE club participated in two group activities. The first was a mirror activity. Students were asked to draw a mirror on a piece of paper. Then, each student had to write five compliments about themselves on the inside of the mirror. Everyone had the opportunity to share their responses and the activity sparked a meaningful conversation about the power of positivity and ways to build self-esteem.

The next activity was a self-love storybook. Each student brainstormed and discussed their favorite quote about self-love. Then, they compiled each quote into a shared document and posted it as a resource so their fellow classmates could view it.

BE the CHANGE club also utilized Flipgrid, an online video discussion tool, to create a schoolwide self-care challenge. Teachers, staff, and students recorded videos of themselves discussing their favorite self-care activities. It was an open platform that helped students engage and interact during remote learning. Teachers and staff also competed to win a $25 dollar gift card. If they submitted a video, they were entered into a raffle and one winner was chosen.

Overall, it was a great month filled with informative and educational club and school activities geared towards self-care. 

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