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Mindful Meditation with Girls Group


By Christina Lavigne, Clinician, The PATH at Carteret

The Girls Group through the PATH program at Carteret Middle School has been participating in weekly discussions and activities to help the girls improve their self-esteem, make positive choices, utilize healthy coping skills and more.

With assistance from Mrs. Mendoza (math teacher at CMS), the group was introduced to mindfulness and guided meditation. Mrs. Mendoza provided information on mindfulness and how it can be an effective way to cope with stress, frustration, anxiety and worry.

She explained the importance of being kind to yourself by slowing down, focusing on breathing and other body sensations, and being aware of your thoughts and feelings without judgement. The girls then participated in a 10-minute guided meditation. Mrs. Mendoza utilized singing bowls, calming music, ambient lighting and crystals to help set the mood.

After the meditation, the girls began to work on their activity: creating their own "Mindfulness Jar." Their jars were filled with water, glue, food dye and glitter, the glitter representing their feelings. When they were angry or anxious, they could shake their jar to reflect these emotions, then watch the glitter settle as their emotions begin to settle too. The girls were excited to have a mindfulness tool to bring home with them.

A special thanks to Mrs. Mendoza for volunteering her time and her passion for mindfulness!

Make your own mindfulness jar at home:

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