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Practicing Teamwork with the Boys Group


By Christina Lavigne, Clinician, The PATH at Carteret

The Boys Group through the PATH program at Carteret Middle School has participated in weekly discussions and activities to promote making positive choices, identifying healthy friendships, increasing team building/teamwork and much more.

Around the holidays, our first cycle of Boys Group participated in a themed teamwork activity: building gingerbread houses. The boys partnered up and were given one gingerbread house to construct and decorate together. They were allowed 20 minutes to complete the activity, which challenged the students to communicate and collaborate effectively. The boys did a fantastic job, and the finished houses looked great!

During the second cycle of Boys Group, the boys participated in an icebreaker/team building exercise. The group stood in a circle while one member held a ball of yarn and shared something about himself like: "I like to play video games" or "I was born in the month of May."Anyone who related to the statement said "Me too," and the original member threw the ball to one of them while holding on to the end of the yarn.

The group kept the activity going until there was a large tangled web between them. Then, they were tasked with working together to untangle the web and form the yarn back into a ball. The activity was a fun way to break the ice, practice communication skills and build a strong team.

Here are some ways to practice team building and improving teamwork with your family at home. "Minefield" and "Back To Back Pictures" are examples of fun, simple exercises!

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