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Pathways Summer Camp 2019 – Weeks 1 & 2


Written by Karolyn Estevez, Youth Development Specialist

Pathways has been very busy this summer with this year's summer camp.

This year Pathways welcomed approximately 50 students to participate in the summer program and our 2019 campers are filled with energy and enthusiasm.

Each day students come in ready to partake in the activities that the counselors have put together for them. These are activities that help the youth to strengthen their communication skills, their confidence and empathy. Most of these activities feature team-building exercises that prompt students to work together to complete a task; for example, our participants competed in groups to see who could build a boat out of straws and duct tape.The winning boat stayed afloat with a full water bottle sitting on top of it.

Everyone also engaged in an activity called "cross the line" to show how although we may seem different, everyone has more in common than they may think they do, and to understand that they do not need to go through issues alone.

Students also get to attend "club time" once a week. The club programs that Pathways offers varies to offer something for each students interest; including, arts and crafts, sports, and theater.

Day-by-day students come in ready to start their summer camp fun with enthusiastic smiles and energetic spirits. Pathways also provides students with weekly field trips. So far, our campers and counselors went to a bowling alley where they enjoyed the day hitting strikes and getting to know one another.

The following week, Pathways took the students to The Circus Place. The Circus Place taught our campers the tricks to some of the most commonly known circus performances. Students learned how to spin plates, juggle, balance a feather on their face and hands, and even learned to spin on silks. The staff at The Circus Place put on a special performance for the Pathways' students. Students actively voiced how much they enjoy the summer camp activities and spending time with their friends. Pathways is excited to see what the remainder of the summer will hold and are positive that the students participating in the program will feel more connected at the High School.

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Pathways Summer Camp 2019: Final Two Weeks!
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