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Pathways Summer Camp Newsletter - Week 3 Highlights


By Jelysa Hernandez, Clinician I

Here at Pathways, we are on our third week of camp! Here’s what we did this week:

Jeopardy 3Participants played Substance Use Jeopardy with Wellspring Staff! All campers were engaged and seemed to learn very important lessons about the dangers and effects of various substances. The questions and answers provided created important conversations.

Campers played a human version of rock paper scissors that was definitely hilarious to watch!

On Tuesday, Ellen Williams from The Expressive Arts 4-H program worked with our kids to create individualized skits on how we can change the world. Ideas ranged from cyber bullying to free chicken for everyone. All individuals had fun getting up on stage and acting out their ideas. The 4-H program is a part of Rutgers Cooperative Extension and has provided performing, media and visual arts experiences to youth in grades K-13 from urban, suburban and rural communities throughout New Jersey. This has been achieved through arts activities offered on the Rutgers campus, as statewide initiatives, as well as in county-based programs.

All campers came together to participate in The Sing Off. Each team was given a word and had to come up with a song that features the word. Everyone had a great time engaging in this fun activity.

Afterwards, campers played a hilarious version of Human Hungry Hippos involving a scooter, plastic balls and a bucket. Everyone was split into teams and one person had to lay on the scooter while being pushed by a teammate into the middle. The competition was tough!

The highlight of this week was definitely our trip to the Circus Place in Hillsborough. Everyone had the opportunity to learn how to juggle, balance a feather, walk on the tightrope, spin on silks, and countless other fun circus activities. At the end of this experience, the circus place crew performed their own skills in a mini show. It was a great expercircus27ience! http://www.thecircusplace.com/



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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

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