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Pathways Summer Camp Newsletter - Week 2 Highlights


By Jelysa Hernandez, Clinician I

As the second week of camp comes to an end, it is safe to say that bonds are being created on a daily basis. Here are some highlighted activities from our second week:

human knotParticipants played a team building activity called human knot in which all individuals link up their arms and have to work to free themselves and create a circle.

Gina and Jenna from Wellspring Center for Prevention presented a workshop with valuable information on nutrition and mood. Everyone was given a list of foods that positively contribute to mood as well as a food journal for accountability.

Tuesday was movie day! Everyone had the choice of seeing either Skyscraper, The Incredibles 2, or Ant Man and the Wasp. Counselors were split accordingly.

movies 1

Hit the Deck was a huge hit! All participants are given directions and have to follow closely with a teammate... Or else they’re out! The last team standing definitely has bragging rights because this game is intense.

hit the deckKaren from Alluem Yoga taught everyone how to relax, stretch and become mindful of surroundings using deep breathing. “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how to react to it”. Thank you for your wise words. Yoga was a huge hit and the kids are already requesting to do it again!

Those involved in the CJAC Arts program Wednesdays and Fridays have begun to create ideas for a quilt! We love to see those creative juices flowing!arts program week 2 pic

amoeba tagThursday was a sports filled day! Kids played Amoeba tag and enjoyed sports outdoors in the afternoon. They were completely exhausted at the end of camp! Parents, you are welcome.

All counselors are also in charge of awarding points for good behavior and working as a team. Let’s see which team wins the award this year!

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