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Reduce the Supply!

rx sideoffEpidemic misuse of prescription pain medication in the United States is partly due to the availability of opioid analgesics (medication in pills, patches, injections, nasal sprays, and even lollipops that contain natural or synthetic substances that cause pain relief and euphoria by stimulating endorphin receptors in the brain). Can individuals and communities possibly do anything to reduce or reverse this deadly problem? The answer is yes. Specific actions by individuals, healthcare professionals, and others can reduce the supply of opioids available for misuse and addiction without denying pain relief to those in need. National surveys show 60 to 70 percent of people who used opioids nonmedically obtained them from a friend or relative. About 11 percent took them without asking. At home, securely lock up any prescription opioids you may need and get rid of any you don't need.Visitors who are drug-experimenters or opioid-addicted—these could be relatives, teenage friends, repairpersons, real...
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Too Many Painkillers?

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