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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending February 11, 2022


Drug Overdose Suicides Rising among Young Americans and seniors

Suicides by drug overdose have increased among teens, young adults and seniors, even as they declined for the overall population, U.S. federal researchers say.

Senate begins work on bipartisan mental health package

Experts call for provisions to boost the mental health workforce and crisis treatment

Biden administration is making mental health parity a priority
When someone reaches out their hand for help, that is the moment when care and treatment must be there for them.

Rethinking Substance Use Prevention: An Earlier and Broader Approach
Substance use prevention, along with treatment and recovery support, is a key component of the public health approach needed to transform how our nation addresses addiction.

Encouraging Signals from the Justice Department on Safe Consumption Sites
The Associated Press reports the U.S. Department of Justice announced it is "evaluating supervised consumption sites, including discussions with state and local regulators about appropriate guardrails for such sites, as part of an overall approach to harm reduction and public safety." This is welcome news.

How to Manage Teenage Stress: A Guide for Students
Thriving Through Adolescence

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