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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending December 3, 2021


Over 100,000 Americans Died From Drug Overdoses in One Year: Report

New government data confirms what many have suspected: The pandemic has prompted a record number of drug overdose deaths, with more than 100,000 Americans succumbing to addiction as COVID-19 raged across the country.

Pot Use in Pregnancy May Harm the Fetus

Marijuana use in pregnancy may increase your child's risk for stress and anxiety, a new study suggests. Although some moms-to-be use pot hoping to relieve morning sickness and anxiety, they should know it may cause genetic changes in the uterus that result in children becoming anxious, aggressive and hyperactive, researchers say.

Trauma in Childhood Can Harm Health for a Lifetime: Study
As if suffering through a childhood trauma weren't enough, new research suggests it might raise the risk of poor mental and physical health later in life.

AA Scoping Review of Associations Between Cannabis Use and Anxiety in Adolescents and Young Adults
Cannabis and anxiety are both rising issues that impact young people. This review seeks to explore the association between anxiety and cannabis in adolescents and young adults (AYA).

Expanding treatment for the opioids crisis is critical to saving lives, but isn't enough
Strong evidence shows medication is effective in treating opioid use disorder (OUD) and reducing overdose deaths. Scaling up medication treatment up in U.S. communities could reduce overdose deaths by 40 percent.

How To Safely Store and Dispose of Your Excess Pre...
Discussing Drugs And Alcohol With Your Kids

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