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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending November 19, 2021


AHA News: Cannabis Use Disorder May Be Linked to Growing Number of Heart Attacks in Younger Adults

At a time of increasing legalization of marijuana, a growing number of people under 50 diagnosed with cannabis use disorder were later hospitalized for a heart attack, new research has found.

Congress mandates new car technology to stop drunken driving

Congress has created a new requirement for automakers: Find a high-tech way to keep drunken people from driving cars.

Discrimination of any kind can lead to much higher risk of mental and behavioral issues for young people, study finds
Young adults who experience discrimination about their bodies, race, age or sex have a greater risk of dealing with mental health problems than those who do not, a new study has found.

As overdose rates reach record highs, it's time to reimagine American drug policy
While Americans were paralyzed by the global pandemic, a second killer was quietly taking lives: drug overdose. In the 12-month period ending March 2021, overdose rates in the United States hit an all-time record.

To end the drug crisis, bring addiction out of the shadows
When I was six years old, as I was having dinner with my mother and three sisters, my mother received a telegram. She broke down crying as she read it. Her father — my grandfather — had died. In her grief, she locked herself in her room and would not let me console her. The memory of my inability to relieve my mother's suffering still haunts me.

Why The Holidays Put Extra Pressure On Recovery
‘Back to Normal’ School Stress

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